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What we do...

LandTrust Studio is a full-­service, multi­discipline design firm headquartered in central New Jersey assisting clients in the educational, commercial, cultural, residential and municipal markets.


LandTrust Studio provides broad­based and compre­hensive project planning and professional design services from the earliest project idea stage through completion of construction and occupancy.  We engage in a truly integrated design process, with architects, engineers, planners and designers working together to create and articulate design responses that are functional, imaginative, and lasting.



  • Urban, Regional and Master Plan Development

  • Land Use Planning

  • Feasibility Assessments

  • Strategic planning for land acquisition and land conservation.

  • Easement Delineation

  • Developing guidance and policies relating to the built environment.

  • Substantive public involvement in developing and facilitating creative and effective public participation processes.


Landscape Architecture


  • Site Analysis

  • Landscape Design

  • Site Plan Development

  • Stormwater Management

  • Landscape planning, design and management.

  • Developing policies and plans and implementing and monitoring proposals for conservation and recreation.

  • Developing methods to promote environmental awareness and undertaking planning, design, restoration, management and maintenance of cultural and/or historic landscapes, parks, sites and gardens.


Urban Design


  • Space Programming

  • Design and Plan Development

  • Developing ‘visions’ for places – to invent or re-invent the environments we live and work in.

  • Designing built spaces – from whole towns and neighborhoods to individual streets or squares.

  • Researching and analysing places and people – understanding the physical, political, economic, spatial and psychological context of the places you work with and the people who use them.

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